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COMPOSITE VENEERS: Patient was concerned about the appearance of his top teeth. Composite veneers were selected as the treatment of choice.

DIASTOMA CLOSURE: Patient requested the space between his front two teeth be closed. No grinding required, just simply adding composite to each tooth closed the space in just over a hour

C t-centerNS: Pt concerned with the esthetics of the front six teeth. C t-centerns were selected as optimal treatment to correct rotations and discolorations

Composite Fillings: Patient wasn't happy with the staining in her old fillings which affected her confidence to smile. Newer placement techniques lead to results that are hard to distinguish from natural teeth. Smile was restored chairside in two short appointments

Deciduous teeth: Many adults have retained baby teeth that are often smaller and of a different color. We can often crown these teeth or cover them with composite. We elected to cover the canines with composite which about an hour

Peg Laterals: Patient requested her lateral incisors be widened and lengthened to make her smile more esthetic. Composite bonding was our choice. No drilling was required, composite was simply added to the existing teeth. Photo taken immediately after completion. This appointment was completed in 90 minutes.

Bridge: A missing tooth can be quickly added using the adjacent teeth to anchor. This patient elected to place a bridge for the convenience and esthetics. The treatment took two appointments

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